About Us


Avnish Sabharwal


Avnish works with individual clients and organizations to define the results they want, design action and accountability plans, and create new patterns of thinking to support their forward momentum. By keeping altitude in your sessions, Avnish will help you identify the mental barriers in your way and how to move past them. Once the fears resulting from long held thought processes are addressed and clients see who they are without those hindering thoughts, success flows naturally.

Avnish brings broad experience in personal development, business strategy, management, and entrepreneurship. He studied Economics at The University of Chicago and obtained his MBA from the Wharton School. He spent his career first as a Management Consultant with McKinsey & Co. and then as a Private Equity Manager with HRJ Capital. During his career he has advised CEO’s, Investment Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Management Consultants, Students and Professional Athletes.

Avnish is a Professional Coach and member of the International Coach Federation. He is also a Founding Member of the Harvard Institute of Coaching Professional Association.



Mark Hunter


Mark is a dynamic coach and leader.  He has the innate ability to communicate and connect with his clients around what is possible.  Mark has coached a wide variety of clients who are up to great things in their lives and businesses, ranging from career development and transitions to starting new businesses, mergers, and abundance of time and wealth.

Mark’s life experience has brought him from six years in corporate America to a lifelong and extensive study of Buddhism, travelling around the world in 1999 for a year, and then moving to Baltimore, MD and starting two successful companies there.  He has been trained by two independent Coach Training Programs over the past 12 years.

Mark realized his calling to coaching and transformational work through his own journey, which has included coaching for the past 15 years. After completing the (ICF Accredited) Accomplishment Coaching Coaches Training Program he has created a full time coaching practice with the intention of sharing this work with as much of the world as possible, ultimately in corporate and political settings.

Mark has continually reinvented himself over the years, and is always standing in possibility for himself and his clients.  His powerful commitment to transformation and being a world leader in his field has created immense value for his clients. He currently is a Program Leader in two of Accomplishment Coaching’s Coach Training and Leadership Programs.

Mark specializes in business/corporate coaching, executive leadership coaching, group/organizational coaching, and coaching those starting their own businesses.  This specific market niche requires working with leaders around developing the next level of their leadership, professional reinvention, producing “impossible” results, and getting out of their own way in order to do so. These are typically clients who may already be very successful at what they do but are savvy enough to know that as a leader, their development and training never stops. Marks’ approach is direct and focuses not only on what the client is doing, but also on who his client is being around what they are up to as access to what they are (or are not) creating.

Results are the focus, and attention to being is the vehicle.



Gregg DeMammos


I say, support men and you support the world…but not in the way that you think!

Women, over the last hundred years, have gone through such a radical transformation. They have earned new rights, entered the workforce by storm, created a new version of motherhood and have taken on responsibilities as leaders at a level never before seen.  They have been simply incredible.  The antiquated version of man as primary decision-maker, dominant and holding the power is over.  It’s time for men to catch up and discover their new role in the world and for women to learn how they can be supportive of the next version of manhood, 21st Century Man.

If we support men the right way, we make women even more powerful, leverage their gifts and talents even more and create partnerships in marriage that bring relationships into the 21st century.  We create the space in society for women to make their greatest impact, while enjoying all of the gifts that men bring to the table.  Most of all, we pave the way for both gender’s happiness, in partnership.

My name is Gregg DeMammos, I am a professional coach with 5 years experience, married for 10 years and in my relationship with my wife for 18 years.  I am a father of two beautiful, brilliant, loving boys.  In my practice, I concentrate on supporting successful marriages and partnerships, claiming your role as leader of your life and concentrating your energy on what’s best for your commitments, while taking great care of yourself.



Rodney Mueller


Rodney is the founder of StL Coaching, an organization committed to supporting people in uncovering their purpose and living their best life. On Rodney’s journey to uncovering his purpose as a coach, he’s spent nearly 10 years as a successful sales professional in Finance and Pharmaceuticals, winning numerous sales awards. Furthermore, Rodney has served over 12 years in the Army Reserve serving in various leadership positions including a recent deployment as a Senior Drill Sergeant where he trained and coached over 500 Army Recruits.

Rodney is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Management and will be completing a Masters in Business Administration at Southern Illinois University in 2012. In addition, Rodney is a 2009 graduate of the Accomplishment Coaching Coach Training Program, an ICF accredited, 12-month intensive program committed to producing the finest life and executive coaches in the world.

In his personal life, Rodney is a world traveler, certified scuba diver, 9 time marathon runner and a huge Cardinal baseball fan.  Rodney currently resides in Saint Louis, Missouri with his wife, Tasha, and two yellow labradors.