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By Mike Tinder


I recently created a breakthrough for myself in forgiveness.  For almost two (2) years, my coaches have been asking me to practice forgiveness.  I always agreed and I followed their requests.  However, I now see that I practiced forgetting, NOT forgiveness.  Actually, when I really look at again, I believe I was practice delaying blame!
Myself, the king of pop Michael Jackson and The Energy of Money by Maria Nemeth were strong contributors to my breakthrough.  I am going to quote Maria from her book:  “When you forgive, you dismantle structures of knowing about that person.  You lay down your weapons and armor and proceed onward.  You lighten up.  If ever there were an act of courage, this is it.  As Lawrence Stone said, “only the brave know how to forgive.”  Maria continues when she says, “you lay aside conclusions about other people and the motivations for their actions.  It begins and ends with you.”


The judgments you have of others (or circumstances), the complaints you have about life, the blame you place are WEAPONS.  You believe you are protecting yourself by making the other person the enemy and making them wrong.  What you are unable (or maybe unwilling) to see is that picking up, using and maintaining those weapons against another person or circumstance are actually being used AGAINST you.  You carry those judgments and complaints with you in your life.  They weigh YOU down because you carry so much energy as to how it “should” or “shouldn’t” be.


It begins and ends with you.  Remember Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror.  “I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways.  And no message could have been any clearer, if you want to make the world a better place.”  You are well practiced at forgetting and delaying.  Odds are, you are not well practiced at forgiveness.  First you must forgive yourself for this!


Let’s be honest – when you begin forgiving, you will forget.  (forgive yourself)  It is important and EFFECTIVE to create reminders.  Whether it is in your journal, posted on your mirror or taped to the insider of your car – remind yourself that you forgave yourself or other people.  Just say, “whoops, I forgave myself for that.”  When you do this in front of the mirror, it strengthens your forgiveness muscle even more!


Do you want to find out who you really are?  Practice forgiveness.  Forgiveness is CREATED from the inside out.  It comes from the POWERFUL essence of being human.  It comes from your heart with no rationalizations or reasons other than to no longer be weighed down by other people or the circumstances of your life. It is a GIFT for you to provide forgiveness to yourself AND others.


What would you create for YOUR LIFE if you practiced more forgiveness?

If you had more energy – what would you do?




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