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By Rodney Mueller

I saw a study today that showed 40% of men would dump their spouse or partner if they gained significant weight.  I know, I know, your first thought as a woman is: “Yep, more evidence that men are just ego maniacal pigs.”  Now I’m not saying that men aren’t ego maniacal pigs, but men leaving their women or losing interest in someone who gains “significant weight” is about a whole lot more than just a woman’s physical appearance and male libido.

Skinny, or a few pounds overweight, most women’s external appearance is a reflection of what’s going on inside.  Gaining a significant amount of weight doesn’t happen with no emotional catalyst.  In fact, losing a significant amount of weight doesn’t happen with no emotional catalyst.  Neither skinny nor fat matters.

Here’s the thing, it’s not about the weight; it’s about how much you love yourself.  A woman who is confident in herself, her body and her sexuality, ATTRACTS MEN.

Men are attracted to Feminine Sexuality.  When you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re vibrating masculine energy.  Men might want to hang out with you, watch sports and drink beer, but they won’t be attracted to you and they won’t be interested in you long term.

The question becomes, how do I take care of myself?  You’ve heard it a million times, you’ve got to love yourself before someone else will love you.

Taking care of your self, “loving yourself,” is just that. Start living your life, each moment, asking yourself, “what would love do for me” in each moment.  Sometimes it might be drinking 8 glasses of water per day, buying those really expensive shoes that you can’t afford, not buying those really expensive shoes that you can’t afford, creating a girls weekend, giving yourself a spa day, yoga practice, etc.  Just keep asking; “What would love do here, for ME?”

Here’s the bonus: by setting out on a path to take care of and LOVE yourself you create a joy and happiness, regardless of a man showing up in your life.

Isn’t that the whole point?

One more benefit to loving yourself; women who love themselves attract men who also love themselves.  The men you are attracting are a reflection of who you are being and how you are loving yourself.  Men who don’t love themselves lack confidence and strength and often take it out on the women in their life.

You deserve better! You deserve a man who is strong, confident, honest and supportive.  You deserve a man who will be a soft place for you to fall.


Your job is to start living your life from a place of love and nurture for yourself.

I promise, when you live from this place, more men than you can shake a stick at will show up interested, whether you’re skinny or not.


Go Love Yourself!



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