The Boogie Man

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By Mark Hunter

But you didn’t know that as a kid. Remember back then, at night in your room just after the lights went out, how every small creak in the house was the Boogeyman on his way to get you?


Remember what your parents did to chase him away? They turned on the light, opened & inspected every corner of that closet, and shined the flashlight under the bed. They illuminated the truth behind the story for you.


Well, the Boogeyman is still around in each of our lives – he’s just changed his story.


Now he looks like the daily fear, the uncomfortable and unfamiliar places you get challenged with and stopped by over & over again.  He’s all the ugly stories you have about yourself that feel just as real as when that house creaked at night after the lights went out. As adults, our new Boogeyman is our story that we “can’t”, it “wont work”, we’re “not good enough”, it’s “hopeless”, we’re “not worth it”, or that what we’re up to is “too big.”


Scary stuff!


And it’s all still a story. Just as much of a story as the Boogeyman living in your closet.


Only now the closet to search is our commitment, the bed to look under is the possibility we create around our goals, and the light to turn on is the courage we muster up in the face of our fears.  All of it leads to the truth – the Boogeyman, like our stories, are of our own creation.


SO, while you’re in the middle of the next bad story of yours, remember that it’s just a story & turn that light on!


And if you’re going to go around making up stories – make ‘em good ones

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