The Boss of Now

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By Mike Tinder


*Inspired from “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield

I love this question:


What is one skill, that if you practice and mastered it, the skill would bring you consistent success in every area of your life?  Where in your life (your calendar) do you make the time to practice and get better at that skill?


Steven Pressfield in The War of Art encourages us to “maintain sovereignty over the moment.”  When we maintain sovereignty over the moment, we practice having supreme, independent authority over what is occurring in our life.  We choose… is this a real problem in my life (am I a victim) or will I choose the power to have this work to my advantage?


More from Pressfield:


“Professionals prepare mentally to absorb blows and to deliver them.  His aim is to take what the day gives him.  He is prepared to be prudent and prepared to be reckless, to take a beating when he has to and to go for the throat when he can.  He understands that the field alters everyday.  His goal is NOT victory (success will come when it wants) but to handle himself, his insides as sturdily as he can.”


“Professionals conduct business in the REAL WORLD.  Adversity, injustice, bad hoops and rotten calls, even good breaks and lucky bounces all comprise the ground over which the campaign must be waged.  The field is level, only in heaven.”


Here is the inspiration I take from this and practice.


  1. Life will HAPPEN.  It includes bad hops, rotten calls AND the good breaks & lucky bounces.  The focus of who I am is not to be defined by what HAPPENS in my life but to be the boss of ME in those moments.  It is WEAK and CRAPPY to always see yourself as being taken advantage of or powerless.
  2. Will I choose to be the one who is being taken advantage of or will I use MY BEST to be the advantage in the moments that happen to me?
  3. I PREPARE by taking care of MY well being.  I PLACE MYSELF in a higher state of mind to be stronger in what I KNOW will happen.
  4. My focus is not whether or not I receive the VICTORY.  Victory is not the result of what is given to me, it is the result of what I give the moment.  I give the moment my attention.  I give it my attention of bringing my best.


If you want to be a stronger boss of YOUR NOW, then practice.  If it matters, if you really value it – get coached.  Call me for more information about my coaching and what our work can do for your relationship, business or well being.

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