The Unlived Life

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By Mike Tinder

I have been re-connecting this week with the Steven Pressfield book, The War of Art.  I really like when he talks about unlived lives and how each of us has an unlived life within us.  There is the life we are currently in AND there is a life that exists inside our hearts and imagination.  It is because we have these two lives and ideas building inside of us that create suffering in our lives.

What really made an impact with me was the proof of this unlived life.

  • What are the items or things that you have bought (treadmill, gym memberships, ab roller) that you purchased because you saw a vision of a BETTER MORE FULFILLED YOU?
  • What are the inspirational email newsletters you subscribed to that you no longer read?  Books that you have read?
  • If you are single, what about the image of that person you did not speak to this past weekend at the bar (or church)?
  • If we looked at your Google search history, what would we find?  What have you been searching for?

Proof is stacking up at your door for that unlived life.

When I look at my UNLIVED life, I see a life fearlessly bringing inspiration to others…proof in my education and commitment to coach.  Emphasis on the fearlessly.  I see an UNLIVED life of strong well being and physical prowess.  The proof there is in how I talk a big game and stay in touch with my old trainers at St. Vincent’s Sports Performance.  I have all this great gear to teach dance classes…but I haven’t yet.  You see we all have this amazing life built inside of us, we take baby steps and run into resistance.  We get stopped.  We run into this mechanism we have that is designed to stop us and keep us where we are.  But inside, there is a life dying to get out.

Oliver Wendell Holmes – “”Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out.”

In addition, there is an unlived LEADER inside of you that is ready to lead your team.

There is an unlived partner, lover, husband or wife inside you.

I’m screaming at myself this morning too – TIME IS RUNNING OUT.

What is built inside of you and what has you not make it happen?  What is in the way?



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