The 21st Century Man holds career as the playground for his greatness.  Rather than relating to career as something they must have in order to achieve a result, the career is a chosen playground where their inner success will be realized and shared with others.  In addition, the career choice facilitates a reflection of their greatness, value and service to others.  What today’s man has forgotten is the value of the transaction.  It occurs that today’s transactions are about bartering verses actually serving.  It’s about what we can get from another person.  The power of today’s man is collapsed with taking.  That immediately creates a sense of something being taken on the other side of the transaction.  The 21st century man creates value with service in mind.  Value is exchanged and given.  It could be in the form of money, it could be in the form of gratitude.  Which ever the case, value is received, not manipulated.  The chosen career displays the 21st Century man’s value.