For Women Only

21st Century Man is inspired by you, by women. The progress you have made pushes the envelope for men everywhere. You are our equals in nearly every way men used to measure themselves – leadership, income generation, intelligence, affect on community and society, ability to make good decisions and more. What you have achieved is extraordinary and we can make even better use of these advancements if 21st Century Man gets out of the way of slowing down the process and becomes extraordinary partners.

From a relationship of equals, the notions of what men and women are good at is extinct. To be in relationship with you, we must earn it. 21st Century Man earns his place in relationship by supporting your dreams, talents, physical well-being, emotions and needs. He listens and he leads. He doesn’t wait to be told what to do, he discovers every day how he can become a better partner and more effectual in the life he is creating with his partner. He is responsible for himself and for helping you shine, in partnership.

The men of 21st Century Man got also tired of seeing uninspired men, frustrated with their sinking status, take it out on the women in their lives. We got tired of seeing our moms, sisters, aunts, friends and colleagues settling for apathetic men not committed to their own growth as individuals. We got tired of seeing men “checking out” and leaving their wife or girlfriend to do all of the heavy lifting. Bringing home the bacon isn’t enough in the 21st Century and never has been.
We are a stand for men bringing all of themselves to their relationships. 21st Century Man is about supporting men in bringing their
heart, their leadership and their connection to the women in their lives. 21st Century Man is committed to creating a culture of
self-improvement within relationship, an understanding that whatever the starting point, this is only the beginning of who we will be together.  Women deserve better, men deserve to experience true joy and success on his terms, in partnership, and 21st Century Man is committed to facilitating a change in mankind that will forever alter the course of the world.