At 21st Century Man we are committed to men transforming leadership on the planet. Especially their own.

The gap in leadership that exists on a global level today is a function of the old paradigm that men were trained to lead from, and is based on an old centerpiece that no longer is effective as a centerpiece of leadership: Power.
In the past, power was inspiring and was effective at causing leaders due to its effect on those they were leading.

In todays culture of communication, social networking, unlimited access to information and images from across the planet instantly, power needs to be fully tempered by compassion and foresight.

The 21st Century Man as compassionate leader is not leading from power, aggression or hierarchy. He is leading from partnership, open heart, and his presence is felt as an enrolling energy others can see value in collaborating with rather than an oppressive force other see no hope in resisting.

From compassion comes what Seth Godin calls the “Tribe” of community and a following that is unparalleled in its commitment and its enthusiasm.

The 21st Century Man as a leader with foresight is leading with an understanding and a vision for both his impact and the impact of his goal.  This foresight provides him with FULL ownership of all the parts of the result he is after, and at the same time provides him with the social and global responsibility for that which he is undertaking.
With foresight, leaders can both lead those around them and be owners of that which they create.