Having your own coach is the most traditional and most powerful structure of coaching and is generally conducted once per week for at least three months.
One to one coaching provides an individualized springboard for your success in whatever you’re up to.

Working with your personal coach you will get or create:

Specific projects to move you forward in each area of your life.
A co-creative, confidential relationship where you will be supported in overcoming your deepest fears.
An accountability structure sufficient to your resistance (i.e.- fears,bad habits, limiting beliefs)
A coach who relates to you as your greatness and potential rather than your circumstances or your crappy story about yourself.

Our experience is that every human being benefits from having a person dedicated to their greatness, that is an objective, loving reflection of who the client is being. Coupled with our experience and professional training we also support you in generating results with more power, velocity and joy.

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