Join the founders of 21st Century Man in a beautiful location for a relationship retreat designed to restore your romantic relationship. This retreat will be held in August 2012 in a beach resort in Mexico and is strictly designed for couples in committed partnerships or marriages.

If you would like to create a more healthy and fulfilling partnership, or if you find yourself resonating with some of the following questions.


Is it possible for your marriage to be more fulfilling than it currently is?

Have you lost the loving feeling you once had for your spouse?

Are your day to day responsibilities of raising kids, paying bills and stressful work demands getting in the way of a connected relationship to your spouse?

Do you yearn for connection, passion and more fun, but don’t see the possibility of creating it with your spouse?

Has your sex life been relegated to rare occasions?

Having trouble compromising or communicating in your relationship?


In this 4 day/3 night workshop in Mexico, you will transform your relationship into the one you once had or always dreamed of having.

Some of the benefits you will leave with include:

  • Restoring real connection in your relationship
  • Learning to communicate authentically with your spouse or partner
  • Developing a sense of compassion and understanding for your partner
  • Designing a working agreement that has each partner getting their needs met
  • Building a fully structured project to follow, created by both of you, in service of creating the relationship of your dreams

Please contact us for pricing and availability.  The retreat is limited to 20 couples due to the highly individualized nature of this retreat.